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It is hard to believe that October is now in its 3rd week and November will be here before we know it. A lot of folks have been asking if Justus Lake was being drawn down. That is not the case. The reason the lake was down is because of the lack of rain over the last month or so dropped the level of the lake significantly. However, the past two days of rain is really helping to replenish the water in the lake and restore it back to its normal levels.

The last major event of the 2016 season was the Rocky Grove Cross Country Invitational held on Saturday, October 15th. This was perhaps the biggest Invitational in recent years. There were more than 3,000 people watching some 1400 runners from 31 area schools compete at various age levels in this event. The great weather was another key contributing factor to the success of this year's event. A BIG thanks goes out to all the hard work by Josh Beightol, the students, the volunteers & the volunteer fire department folks for all their work in parking vehicles & insuring the safety of everyone there.

Please be advised that the Family Campground at the Park will remain open until we start to get below freezing temperatures. When this happens, we must shut off the water and close the campground for the season. Please call if you are planning on coming to camp at the Park as we get later into October to make sure it is still open. You will be able to hike, bike, horseback ride, etc. through the campground until the 1st day of deer season when the gate will be closed and no vehicles will be permitted in the campground area. Hunters will be permitted to walk into the area at that time if they so wish.

Also, the 2016 hunting season has begun. We urge everyone utilizing the Park trails to please wear orange. You are also encouraged to put orange on your dogs if they are walking with you.

Park Office hours are now in place for the "off season". The Office is open from 9 AM - 4:45 PM Monday - Saturday & from 10 AM - 3:45 PM on Sundays. These hours will remain in effect until the regular season begins next year in May. Reservations, prices and other information for camping, pavilion rentals & the Cottage & Farmhouse can be obtained and made by contacting the Park Office at: 814-676-6116, or toll free at: 1-877-896-6453. You can also obtain the latest News & Events for the Park by clicking here. The Park mailing address is: Two Mile Run County Park, 471 Beach Road, Franklin, PA 16323.

Our 2,695 acre Park with its 144 acre Justus Lake and nearly 28 miles of trails make it a year-round great place to have fun and simply enjoy the outdoors.

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