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How do you keep the inmates in line?

A prison has to have rules and regulations to maintain order and safety. If an inmate violates any of the rules or regulations of the prison, a misconduct is written on the inmate. These misconducts are handled in prison. But if the inmate has committed a crime inside the prison, he could be charged criminally, too.

Sanctions for violating the rules and regulations range from verbal warnings, restriction of privileges, being locked down in his cell for period of time. Also, if an inmate causes problems while awaiting sentence, it could mean additional time or a state sentence instead of a county sentence. If the inmate misbehaves after being sentenced, he could have to spend additional time before he is paroled.

If you treat the inmates fairly and equally, you will, for the most part, have an inmate that will behave himself and not be looking to cause problems.

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