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What do we mean by the Social Determinants of Health?

These are the conditions in residents environments that affect a wide range of health, functioning, and quality of life outcomes and risks.  These conditions may be impacted by lack of healthcare and childcare, financial strain, food and clothing insecurity, housing instability, needs for employment and utility assistance, and/or lack of transportation.

Health starts long before illness, whether it be physical, mental, or substance use, opportunities for wellness occur long before you need medical care. Stay tuned for how newly created Neighborhood Hubs will begin to directly engage specific communities to assist with these conditions.

Neighborhood Hub – Southside

The goal of the Hub is to increase access to services to address Social Determinants of Health for residents in the Oil City Southside and immediate surrounding areas.  The Neighborhood Hub – Southside is located at 106 Walnut St., Oil City, to create community connections which provide supports and resources that improve whole family care.

These Social Determinants of Health are the conditions in the environments in which people are born, live, learn, work, play, worship, and age that affect a wide range of health, functioning, and quality of life. 

Venango County Life Coaches will be available during designated times (refer to calendar) to assist residents who are in need of assistance navigating benefits applications and connecting to other services to mitigate social determinants of health needs.  Individuals may also open to work with a Life Coach if needed.

Different offerings will be made available throughout the year to address access to needs in healthcare affordability/access, financial strain, childcare affordability, clothing and food insecurity, housing supports access, employment education, utilities and transportation access.

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Check back each month for a current calendar of that month’s offerings.