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Beachside Pavilion

The below table lists all of the prices for various rental services of Two Mile Run Park. Most sites are "First come, first serve" & there is a maximum of one month per stay at a site. Section R: Sites and Pavilions can be reserved one year in advance.
Note that "Primitive" campsites are those that support tents & have no electric hookups or water.

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Camp Map (mid-sized).

Rental Unit Picture Name Daily Price (USD) Weekly Price (USD) Capacity Remarks
The Cottage The Cottage $110.00 $500.00 Sleeps 5. Plus a 9% Hotel Excise Tax.
The Farmhouse The Farmhouse $140.00 $620.00 Sleeps 10 Plus a 9% Hotel Excise Tax.

Pavilion Pic Name Capacity Price (USD) Remarks
Beachhouse Pavilion Frey Family Patio, Lake's Edge 60 people $75.00
Beach side Pavilion Beachside, Lakeside 60 people $60.00
Chipmunk Pavilion Big Rock 20 people $40.00 Scout Groups pay $3/person.
Not available when campground is closed.
No electricity.
Daniel Boone, Wood Chuck Pavilion Daniel Boone, Wood-Chuck 15 people $40.00
Fishing Pier Pavilion Fishing Pier 40 people $50.00
Hilltop Pavilion Hilltop 60 people $50.00 No electricity.
Justus Pavilion Justus/Mackey 115 people See remarks. $90.00 - Whole
$50.00 - Half
Nature Lodge Nature Lodge See remarks. See remarks. Charge depends on event & number of people - up to $150 maximum.
Pioneer Pavilion Pioneer 40 people $60.00

Campsite Type Night / Week (USD) Senior Weekly Rate (USD) Remarks
Primitive: B, D, & T $15 / $85 $70 No Reservations
Primitive: E $17 / $95 $80 No Reservations
Electric: A & C $20 / $120 $85 No Reservations
Full Hook-up: R $25 / $150 $110 Reservations Accepted
Water's Edge: F $20 / $120 $100 Reservations Accepted
Group camping (> 10 people) $5/person Scout groups pay $3/person

Type Night (USD) Senior Weekly Rate (USD) Remarks
Pavilion / Electric $20 / $15 $100
Primitive Site $10 per tent
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